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Website is live again

After almost four months of downtime (during which I have been traveling quite extensively) and an immense redesign, the website is finally online again. Things have changed quite a bit and will continue to change over the next couple of weeks:

  • Overall design of the website has been changed completely to a more professional look, thanks to a professional WordPress theme that I am now using
  • Photographs in the portfolio section have been updated and now – in the beginning – feature a selection of photographs from my most recent trips to the United States. Additional images will be added over the coming weeks, so make sure to come back
  • All existing online stores have been taken offline and are currently being refined and streamlined. I am trying to concentrate on just one supplier for the store and will have it up and running pretty soon again. Not all images will be available for sale immediately, though – most will be added over time
  • In addition to this website, I have launched a Facebook page in order to separate my photography from my personal matters – make sure you’ll “like” it on Facebook by using the link on the right

I hope you like the changes, and I would like to hear your comments or feedback. And please bear with me while this website is still going to evolve and change over the next couple of weeks.